Working groups


Nine thematic working groups have been established to prepare the work of the Conference Plenary.

Their membership reflects the proportions between the different components in Plenary. The Working Groups give input to prepare the debates and proposals of the Plenary based on the recommendations from the national and European Citizens' Panels and contributions on the Multilingual Digital Platform, within the parameters of the Joint Declaration and the Rules of Procedure.

The working groups will debate the different contributions and recommendations, and work on the basis of consensus of the different components. The Chair of each working group, together with the spokesperson of the European Citizens' Panels in the group, will present the outcome to the Plenary. The latter shall then debate and vote on the proposals that will be part of the final recommendations to the Executive Board.

A summary record from the working groups will be drafted by the Common Secretariat of the Conference, under the guidance of the Chair and in consultation with the Members of each working group.

Further information on the Conference working groups can be found here: Working groups - Terms of reference.