Welcome from the Conference Co-Chair

This page has been created so that you can find updates on MEPs’ involvement in the Conference on the Future of Europe.

For the first time in our Union's history, all three EU institutions and national parliaments have come together to discuss directly with European citizens, enabling them to share their ideas on our common future.

It is an experiment in platform-based and deliberative democracy that we, as directly elected representatives of all Europeans, take to heart. 108 members of the European Parliament are part of the Conference plenary, where citizens' proposals are discussed. The conclusions to be drawn from this process will make it more than a listening exercise: this is our way to find common answers to citizens’ ideas, hopes and fears.

As Co-Chair of the Conference, it is my honour to lead the European Parliament Delegation. Together, we will make sure the Conference on the Future of Europe gains real momentum, so that we can make the EU fit for purpose in the 21st century, and bring our shared project closer to citizens.

Guy Verhofstadt
Guy Verhofstadt (Renew, BE) Co-Chair of the Conference on the Future of Europe